Death Club Comics

Death Club Comics is our newest addition to the brand. For the past 3 years we have done many comic inspired illustrations and we feel we can create a universe of our own with original characters, artwork and story lines.

Blood shadow is our first series that we are extremely excited to produce.

Our goal is to release issues and also drop collections surrounding our character. Our warm up nylon was the first product to introduce blood shadow and we are excited to show you more items we create.

We understand this is a big change for the brand but we are confident that we can step into this realm and still bridge comics and fashion together.

Warm Up Nylon

Nylon is some of the most underrated fabric in the market. It is super strong, durable, breathable, and dries quickly making it super functional and perfect for outdoor activities. Nylon fabric also drapes amazingly for fit and style and has a smooth hand feel. We decided to make straight fit pants with it with an elastic waist. These pants are great for everyday wear.