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Death Club

Blood Shadow #1 Digital

Blood Shadow #1 Digital

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Introducing our first issue to our new series "Blood Shadow"

We are entering a new direction with the brand and want to show that we are more than just clothes. More importantly, more than just bootlegs. We want to tell a story with our art and bring true meaning to the brand. We are now extending the brand and introducing Death Club Comics as a new independent company with stories written and illustrated by the brand owner Samuel Orellana. This is a huge step and a new challenge we are excited to accept.

Blood Shadow is a villain origin story with original writing and original artwork. Issue #1 is named " Dance of Death" alluding to a collection from the past. 

Death Club is a club where all villains hang out at with a neutral ground environment. The story overall takes place in the city of Los Angeles where Blood Shadow brings nothing but Death, Destruction and Mayhem. 

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